Bishop's Office

What is Interdenominational International Association? (Otherwise known as the Bishop's Office)

Bishop Danny Bennett has been the Pastor for Shiloh Worship Centre (Apostolic), formerly Shiloh United Church of Christ since 1992. He is a dynamic, enthusiastic, contemporary, visionary and anointed Man of God.

His beliefs of the Church without walls have motivated and encouraged him to be centrally involved in prison ministry for over a decade. As a Prison Chaplin, Borough Dean, Counsellor and an Entrepreneur, he has spent most of his time giving clear cut teaching on 'How to be Self-sufficient in the Kingdom of God.'

Since his consecration as a Bishop in June 2004, he has moved from humble beginnings to impact many lives throughout the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shiloh Interdenominational International Association is an organisation of Pastoral and Ministerial Support, headed by Bishop Danny G. Bennett (BA). The Association is part of Shiloh Church and located in Croydon.

The Association is an organisation consisting of churches and ministries from various Christian denominations throughout the world, and is a joint venture established to:

  • Promote the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Promote unity of the "Body of Christ" in an effort to further the "Kingdom of God" as a vital part of the domestic and international community.
  • Promote the success of each affiliate Pastor/Ministry leader in the fulfilment of the vision God has given his or her particular ministry.
  • Promote the effectiveness of more devoted stewardship by establishing a "network" of research and resource facilities with a common point of exchange.

Ministries are free to utilise the "network" and the resources that are available in the network.


What is the Vision and Mission of the Association?

The Mission of SIIA is to establish an environment that will help each Church to be part of a network.

It is our mission to help embrace and empower and to share the various resources for the edification of the Body of Christ.


Our Vision is to promote the Body of Christ in an effort to further the Kingdom of God as part of a national and international community. The Association does that by seeking the effectiveness of a more devoted stewardship by establishing a network that will facilitate all the common resources as a point of exchange among the various Churches.


How can you get in touch?

Shiloh Interdenominational International Association runs an administrative office which is managed by Minister Andria Doyle. You can contact the office via the Bishop's Office email below.


You have made our fellowship more meaningful and thank you for your interest.

For more information please contact:


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