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Bishop Danny is a family man. He is married to Pastor Lorraine and has three children; Leighanne, Nathaniel and Aaron.

Bishop Danny Bennett has been the Pastor of Shiloh from 1992. He is a dynamic, enthusiastic, contemporary, visionary and anointed man of God. Since his consecration he has moved from humble beginnings to impact many lives throughout the world, with his clear-cut, down to earth style of teaching and preaching the Word of God in many countries over-seas.

He has a heart for the community and has been involved in many community projects that have helped to break down walls of racism and discrimination. Bishop Danny has worked in many deprived and underprivileged areas, touching many lives that have now come to realise the purpose and value of church/community Pastor. He has assisted in the reshaping and redirecting of many young people's lives from different backgrounds, through his strategic approach and involvement with prison ministries for a number of years.

Bishop Danny possesses some strong attributes and interpersonal skills and is open, flexible and reachable and can communicate with people from all different levels. He has a strong determination and conviction concerning the well-being and welfare of the Body of Christ; to see a closer networking among Churches within the community, irrespective of denomination.

Shiloh is a growing church and is still attracting an influx of people of different backgrounds on a regular basis.

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