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The Anointed Women's Fellowship was birthed out of the need for the total well being of helping to enhance and embrace the many concerns and conditions that women face in a diverse, multi-cultural and multi-racial society.

We aim to help alleviate as many problems that arise and to find suitable solutions from our limited resources that will meet the demands of women within the Church and the Community.


To embrace and reach out to all women irrespective of their race or culture.


To encourage and inspire women in their walk with the Lord and to lead "unsaved" women back to their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.




A time whereby the ladies of Shiloh Worship Centre are invited to come together at another member's home to fellowship in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Before entering into the day's activities we welcome our Lord Jesus Christ into our presence through Praise, Worship and Prayer, as we ask Him to lead, guide and direct us.

We discuss the topic for the day which is chosen by the host. The topic will relate to our spiritual lives, inspiring us to dig deeper and to climb up to another spiritual level of maturity.

We take an in-depth look at how we can overcome and triumph in our everyday lives, helping us through the many difficult issues that we face from day to day. Together we listen, learn and share our experiences and are inspired by one another.

After being spiritually fed, we feast on the natural food and continue to talk, laugh and have fun.

It is truly a wonderful quality time spent together and enjoyed by all.


Ladies Conferences are held to enable ladies from Shiloh Worship Centre and other Christian ladies from various assemblies to come together to devote ourselves and the day unto the Lord.

Family, friends and non believers are also invited to come and share in the awesome presence and love of the Lord.

The day is planned around a powerful inspiring topic. We worship through song, dance, prayer and the Word of God. Different activities take place which could take the form of singing, dancing, group discussions or drama. These are? chosen to encourage, inspire and sharpen our minds provoking us to go deeper into the Word and the work of the Lord. A dynamic speaker delivers the Word of God which is followed by corporate prayer.

At the end of the day, ladies are left feeling overwhelmed with great excitement by the awesome presence and the visitation of the Holy Spirit. Lives are changed and transformed through our time spent together.


Periodically the Ladies and Men's Department will come together and join in activities such as Prayer Breakfast, Conferences, Health Day, Social Evenings and Quiz Nights.

Relevant topics are chosen to encourage Spiritual growth and harmony within our families and our homes etc.

We are always seeking resources, skills and various gifts that will help to promote our ladies ministry and to propagate the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, as we believe every body is somebody.


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